Ways to Wean from Breastfeeding?

Reduce the amount Feedings:

Let go Completely

Get the baby on Fresh Milk

Ways to make weaning easier

  1. Plan your approach and method by which you are planning to wean your baby in advance.
  2. List out the feeding schedule of your baby and mark the ones that you are planning to wean out. Start with just one feed a week. The more gradual the process is, the better and easier it is both for your baby and yourself.
  3. Take help of your partner or your caregiver to help you with the feed that is to be weaned out. Your baby is more receptive to drink from a bottle if it is given by anyone else but you.
  4. As soon as the baby is fed by your partner or caregiver you can take the baby up for a bit of a rocking or cuddling or burping the baby so that your baby does not miss the bond, they have with you.
  5. By the age of 1 year a child is eating almost all the food that you eat. By this stage your child is also more distracted by other food that they will be ready to wean away from you.
  6. While it is beneficial for the baby from a health standpoint to be breastfed partially till about two years of age. But when your child gets used to the breastfeed, they might insist that they need it and can also start becoming adamant and demanding about it.
  7. Give your baby alternate comfort soft toys or blankets so that your baby is comfortable during the process of binning.
  8. It is better that you start weaning from the feed in the afternoon as both you and your baby are more active. And the baby really would not miss the comfort of breastfeed.

How to Handle the Physical Pain?


  • Do cold compresses of the breast might give you some relief.
  • Wear comfortable and supportive bra.
  • Pump out some of the excessive milk.

How to dry up the Milk?

  1. Apply Cabbage leaves: Applying cabbage leaves for 20 to 30 minutes directly on the breast will dry up the milk. The most effective way is to keep repeating several times.
  2. Sage Tea: Physicians recommend the drink of Sage Tea to dry up the milk supply. It has been proven very effective and mothers won’t have to take it more than 3 days!
  3. Estrogen birth control pills: Taking Estrogen hormonal birth control pill has been proven to have an effect of drying up the milk supply in women.


  • Some skin is sensitive to sulfa and cabbage. With this said, do not use the cabbage leaves to reduce the gorging pain of the breasts.
  • Remember not to use the cabbage leaves on cracked skin.
  • Also, take the process of decreasing the milk supply gradually as it can cause breast infection known as mastitis.

When to consider delay in weaning

You can consider delaying weaning for the following reasons:

  1. You have a family history of allergens. One of the best ways to overcome this is to continue breastfeeding your baby as you introduce foods that have potential allergens to your baby in very small quantities. Breastfeeding maintains the health and immunity that your baby needs to overcome any issues that might arise due to these allergens.
  2. Your baby health or weight is not normal. For your baby is not feeling well when you have planned to wean your baby. Then it is better that you continue with breast feet then introduce foods which are new to your baby. Nurse them to good health and then after a couple of weeks you can think of starting the weaning process.
  3. You will have to consider a delay in weaning if your baby is not cooperative to solid food introduction or refuses to feed from the bottle.
  4. Sometimes it is better to breastfeed if your baby is having tooth cavities or and they are overfeeding or gaining too much weight when they are having other food than breast milk.
  5. It is a good practice to breastfeed your baby when you are going through a stressful situation or a change in your normal routine. Breastfeeding gives assurance and security needed for your baby during these times of change. The change can be that you are starting to go to work or for leaving your baby to day-care etc. In such times it is better that you breastfeed your baby in the time you get with them so that they do not feel the lack of attention all of a sudden. Thereby causing them to become very anxious. Thereby causing them to become very anxious.





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