How-To play with your kids when you don’t know how



What is a play and types of play?

  • Gross-Motor skills
  • Fine-Motor skills
  • Socio-Emotional skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Language skills

Why do children Play

Importance of playing with your kids

Personalities of kids who do not play games

  • They are not active
  • Kid tend to be less sharp-minded
  • They do not show interest
  • They do not understand things easily
  • Physically they are not strong
  • They do not participate in any game competition
  • They do not have a sense of competition

Types of games

  1. Indoor games
  2. Outdoor games

Indoor games

Outdoor games

Ways to play with your kids

Play with balloons

Play hide and seek

Make paper plane

Race with your kid

Do water fighting

Play hangman

Play with ball

Story competition

Act on a poem

Go for a walk or on bike ride

Fly kite

Do cooking

Play cricket




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