How-To HELP & EASE stress in your teenager

Teenager feeling stressed out



Positive stress.

Negative stress

12 Probable causes of stress in your teenager

  1. Studies pressure: it`s the most common cause of stress in teens. Usually teens become over worried about their coming exams or any test.
  2. Relationships stress: Being too emotional, teens often stressed about relations. Or they can feel stress about toxic friend or relation.
  3. Work pressure: Teens can feel stress when there are too many things to do.
  4. Stress about any change: If you move from one place to other, or you change the school of your teen. There is more possibility your teen feel stress about these changes.
  5. Disturb sleep patterns: This thing can also cause stress in your teenager.
  6. Parent relationship: It is also the most common cause of stress in teens. When there is uncomfortable environment at home because of parents disturbing relation. Child usually become depressed and frustrated.
  7. Unable to Meet with expectations: When teens become unable to meet expectations of parent or any relation. They become frustrated and stressed.
  8. Overwhelmed or too busy: When your teen is loaded with work which becomes too much to handle for your teen.
  9. Stress in home environment: If there is any stress in the environment where your teen in. Stress due to finances, Loss, or sickness, etc.
  10. Being too rigid or unable to adapt or adjust: If your teen is very rigid in their opinion or outlook and struggles to adapt to changes. It can even be good changes like welcoming a new baby.
  11. Negative Outlook or pessimism: When your teen faces experience that makes them develop a negative outlook of life. Sometimes when their friends have such an outlook it can rub on your teen.
  12. High standers and expectations: When you or their sibling or their social group are a bunch of achievers and set high standards or expectations from your teen.

15 common signs to spot stress in your teenager

  1. Doing poorly in academics due to Memory problems. not able to concentrate
  2. Being hazed out, unable to decide, unsure of self and show poor judgment
  3. Have negative outlook, mostly anxious about things and is constantly worrying
  4. Is moody and has anger outburst and frequently irritable.
  5. Not being themselves, All gloom and doom. Generally unhappy.
  6. Appearing to be busy and feels overwhelmed.
  7. Feeling tired or drowsy most of the time
  8. Visibly nervous. Nail bits, or jerking legs, pacing floor, using stress buster equipment.
  9. Disengaged, withdrawn, locks into room, prefer being alone.
  10. Substance abuse inclination.
  11. Displays erratic sleep routines. No sleep or too much sleep.
  12. Binge Eating or loss of appetite
  13. Sleeping too much or too little
  14. Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
  15. Shows physical manifestation of stress like having frequent headaches, pains, dizziness, stomach-aches, diarrhea, cold n flu etc…

10 Side effects of stress

  1. It can affect your child mental health as well as physical health.
  2. Long term stress weakens your child immunity.
  3. Your child can feel symptoms of high blood pressure in near future.
  4. Long term stress also leads to obesity and cardiac disease.
  5. Your child can be mentally ill and feel depression and anxiety in future.
  6. Mood swings in teens is also an effect of ongoing stress. The stress affects their behavior about things and relations.
  7. Relationships starts to suffer. A stressed-out teen who is always irritable, moody, or isolating themselves will start causing issues with the relationships that they are having.
  8. Isolation and Silence in long run starts working in a downward spiral. This leads to depression and depression is the main cause for suicide.
  9. Affects self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. This once leads to more isolation.
  10. Above all it can suck the life and happiness of your child. And leave them feeling hopeless.

Way to diagnose stress (N-U-T-S Method)

  • Novelty
  • Unpredictability
  • Threat to the ego
  • Sense of control



Threat to the ego

Sense of control

10 things you can do to help deal with stress in your teenager

Don`t feel alone

Share a good relationship with your teen

Direct talk with your teen

Plan a picnic party or long drive with your teen

Talk with a friend of your teen seek their help

Encourage them & make them look forward to life

Find the stressors

Brainstorm with your teen to find solutions

Teach them coping mechanisms

Take a break and be available for them

10 Effective stress coping mechanism to teach your teen

#1 Good food & Sleep

#2 Sunlight

#3 Outdoor Play and Exercise

#4 Teach them balance between work, play and rest

#5 Find other stress busters

#6 Motivate your teen to write a diary

#7 Teach your teen how to pause, reset and restart.

#8 Teach them to avoid substance abuse

#9 Social and Volunteer work

#10 Teach them power of prayer, silence, or meditation

Important Note to parents


God Bless!!




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