Activities that you can engage with your kids


Activities that you can engage with your kids

  1. Go to playgrounds or a park or a beach and build sand castles together, or blow bubbles and see whose bubble is going the highest.
  2. Do decoration, arranging, cleaning, rearranging and painting your house together.
  3. All chores can be made into fun activities and can be done or played together some can be competitive in nature and some can be complementary in nature.
  4. You can play a ‘spot’ game while you are going around doing your outdoor work. Here all you have to do is tell an object that you spot while you are shopping and your kid needs to bring it to you. (You can finish your grocery list soon that way)
  5. While driving you can still have simple games such as who spots an even number on a vehicle number plate.
  6. While going for a walk with your kid. You can rhyme games. Where you tell a word and your kid replies with a word that rhymes. You both can take turns with it. They make conversations interesting. Ask random questions to make conversation interesting.
  7. You can also build stories with your kid. While you start with a line and the next line needs to be built up by your kid.
  8. Cook together. Make your child a commentator who will tell all the steps or process that you are doing. You can get your child to do a small help and you can also play the commentator while they are doing it.

Things to remember while playing with kids

Be patient

Appreciate your kid

  • Clap for your kids
  • Give them gift
  • Encourage them

Be energetic

Be a kid with your kid

Do not criticize

6 effective things to do when you don’t like or know how to play with your kids

1. Commit to a time

2. Just jump in

3. Don’t have an agenda

4. Have a routine game

5. Just chill and follow your kids lead

6. Get them interested in your favourite game





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