5 Weird Things toddlers do that is Perfectly Normal



5 Weird things toddlers do that are perfectly normal

1. Toddlers say NO to all the time

2. Toddlers want to do things themselves

3. They throw a fit or Tantrums

Show more positivity towards your Child

Keep off-limit things out of the Way

Distraction Works Wonders

Follow your Child’s Schedule

Choose your Battles Wisely

4. Masters in interrupting all the time

  1. You need to exercise patience. And understand their developmental stage. Understand that they still have not developed an understanding of “rude”.
  2. Reflect on how you are interrupting your toddler. E.g. If your toddler is deep into play and you want to give them a snack. Are you just interrupting them in their play and handing over the snack bowl or are you standing next to them patiently and politely asking them if you can interrupt their play and give them a snack bowl?
  3. Set expectations: I had a do not disturb sign and kids were trained not to disturb me when the flag was raised. Don’t use it often so it loses its relevance.
  4. Make them your timekeeper. That way they feel they are participating in your activity. You can show the clock and tell them you will be busy till the long hand reaches 9. And they have to alert you when it reaches 9.
  5. Have a physical touch with your toddler: If they are interrupting you. You can place your hand on their shoulder. Or pull them close to you. Play with their hair or massage their shoulder as you go about talking. That way they feel your attention and connection.

5. They run around a lot instead of walking

Things you can do at this stage are

  1. Have a toddler safe area so that your little one can run around and give out all the energy that they have.
  2. Take them to playgrounds which are the amazing places where they can not only use their motor skills but also social interaction skills.
  3. Buy them toys such as punching bags, soft throw toys, toy hammers, drums or xylophone or just your pillow and utensils. All that which would help them throw punches around and exercise their muscles.
  4. Be clear with your toddler sleep routine. Make sure that they follow their sleep schedules properly. While they will be hyperactive and do not want to sleep and continue to play. Remember they also get tired and they would need good rest to not be healthy but also to be less stressed and cranky.
  5. Spend a little time with your toddler on relaxing activities. Like helping you with your cooking, listening to soft music or indulging in a craft. Letting them splash in the bathtub with supervision or giving them a good massage to ease the aching pains. Indulging in a little Messy play that will make them sit in a location and play for some time.




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